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Ngày đăng: 17:38 09-12-2019


Hello. This is the Cambridge Flyers Listening test.

Part One. Listen and look. There is one example.

Mch : This looks like a good party.
Fch: Yes, and everyone’s wearing funny clothes.
Mch: Look – there’s Paul!
Fch: Where?
Mch: There! He’s got a plastic beard and he’s standing next to the food.
Fch: Oh yes. He looks great, doesn’t he?
Can you see the line? This is an example. Now you listen and draw lines.
Fch: Who’s the pirate?
Mch: There are two pirates. Which one do you mean?
Fch: The one who’s dancing.
Mch: Oh, that’s William. He’s good, isn’t he?
Fch: Yes, he is. Can we dance too?
Mch: Yes, of course, but I’m not very good.
Fch: And look at that girl over there next to the doctor.
Mch: The girl who’s wearing a nurse’s uniform? That’s Vicky. It’s her party. She’s in my class at school.
Fch: It’s a very nice apartment – lots of space for a party.
Mch: Yes, it is. Oh, look! Can you see my cousin Sarah? She’s got long blonde hair.
Fch: Which one is she? Is she wearing a long dress?
Mch: No, she’s carrying some drinks.
Fch: Oh, yes. Let’s ask her for one.
Mch: Good idea.
Fch: Where’s your friend Michael, then?
Mch: He’s over there – he’s got short brown hair.
Fch: Is he the boy who’s eating some cake?
Mch: No, he’s the one who’s sitting down.
Fch: Who’s the boy who’s wearing shorts and waving his hands?
Mch: Oh, that’s Richard. He’s great – he’s going to sing later.
Fch: Oh, I think I’m going to enjoy this party!
Mch: Me too!

Now listen to Part One again.

That is the end of Part One Part Two. Listen and look. There is one example
Fch: Good morning. Is this the police station?
M: Yes, can I help you?
Fch: Hello. Yes, I think you can. I’ve lost something important.
M: OK. Tell me everything and I’ll write it in my book here. First, what’s your name?
Fch: My name’s Elissa Jones. I spell my first name E-L-Idouble-S-A. R

Can you see the answer? Now you listen and write.
M: And what have you lost, Elissa?
Fch: My bag. I carry my school things in it. My mum will be very angry with me.
M: Now, do you know where you lost it?
Fch: Well, I had it on the bus when I came home from school. Then I went to the park with some friends to play tennis. I left it there.
M: And what was in it? For example, did you have any money in it?
Fch: No, only some history books. I need them for my homework and for school. Please find it.
M: What’s it like? What colour is it?
Fch: It’s black.
M: And did you have your name on it?
Fch: Well, no. It was my brother’s. He gave it to me when he left school so it has his name on it – on the inside. He’s called Andrew – that’s spelled A-N-D-R-E-W.
M: That’s Jones too, isn’t it?
Fch: Yes, it is.
M: OK, well, I’m sure someone will find it and bring it in to the police station. Come again tomorrow and ask.
Fch: OK, I will. Thank you very much.

Now listen to Part Two again. That is the end of Part Two.

Part Three. Listen and look. There is one example

Mrs Smith is moving to a new house. Where should these things go in the new house?
M:  It’s a lovely house, Mrs Smith. Now, where do you want me to put these things?
F:  Yes, it’s so much bigger than our last house. Now, let’s start with the mirror. I think I’d like it in the bathroom. It’ll look nice there.
Can you see the letter A? Now you listen and write a letter in each box.
M: It’s good that it isn’t raining today, isn’t it? It’s always better to move house on a dry day.
F: Oh yes, I agree. Now, the bookcase. My husband wants it in the living room. He has a lot of magazines, you know. He loves reading – magazines about sailing most of all.
M: OK. Now what else shall I take inside?
F: Well, the clock, I think. It was in the kitchen in our old house but I want it in the dining room here. There’s more space for it in this house. And it’s made of lovely wood so it’ll look nice.
M: Mm. Do you want me to take anything upstairs?
F: Oh, yes please. I’d like that table on the balcony next to the bedroom so we can have breakfast there at the weekend. There’ll be lots of sun in the morning and it’s so nice to have breakfast outside.
M: Yes, it is. I will need someone to help me with some of the other things.
F: Yes, well that isn’t a problem. Let’s carry this painting into the hall. It’ll look lovely at the bottom of the stairs. It’s of my grandmother, you know. My grandfather painted it over fifty years ago when she was twenty-five.
M: Yes, she’s beautiful. There isn’t much more to move.
F: No, only this sofa. But we don’t need it just now so we can put it in the basement. There’s lots of space down there for things that we aren’t using. Let’s try carrying it together.
M: OK.
Now listen to Part Three again. That is the end of Part Three.

Part Four. Listen and look. There is one example.
What time does the café open?
F: Harry, you’re late. It’s a quarter past nine.
Mch:  I’m sorry, Mrs Winter.
F:  If you want to help me in the café on a Saturday, you must be on time.
Mch:  I know the café opens at nine o’clock, Mrs Winter. But the bus was late – it didn’t come until twenty to nine.
Can you see the tick? Now you listen and tick the box.
One. What must Harry do first?
F Well, now you’re here I’d like you to help me.
Mch OK, Mrs Winter. Do you want me to wash the cups and the plates?
F You can do those later. First wash the floor, then clean the windows.
Mch OK, I can do that.
Two. What will Harry make for lunch?
Mch Shall I make the sandwiches for lunch?
F Yes, please. I’ve already made some soup.
Mch Will you cook some pasta today too?
F Yes, I’ll cook some later.

Three. Where should Harry go to buy the eggs?
F Harry? We haven’t got any eggs. Can you go and buy some please?
Mch Do you want me to go to the supermarket?
F It’s better to go to the market. The farmer brings in eggs from his farm today.
Mch OK, I’ll go now.

Four. What should Harry put on the tables?
F We need to get ready for lunch. There’s already some salt and pepper on the tables but we need knives and forks too.
Mch I’ll do that now. Do we need glasses?
F No, we can give them to people if they ask for juice or lemonade.
Mch OK. 

Five. What was the weather like yesterday?
F I think we’ll be busier today than yesterday.
Mch It’s sunny outside – lots of people are doing their shopping.
F Yes, there was too much rain yesterday so people didn’t want to go out.
Mch And they said on the radio that it’s going to snow tomorrow.
F Oh dear. 


Now listen to Part Four again. That is the end of Part Four.
Part Five. Listen and look at the picture. There is one example.
M Hello, Katy. Would you like to colour this picture?
Fch Yes, please! It’s a lovely castle.
M Can you see the two dogs in the picture?
Fch Yes. One of them is in the door to the castle.
M Well, can you colour that one blue?
Fch OK.  
Can you see the blue dog? This is an example. Now you listen and colour and draw and write.

Fch What shall I colour now?
M Let’s see. Can you see the woman?
Fch Well, there are two of them.
M Look at the woman with the striped scarf.
Fch Shall I colour it red?

M Would you like to draw something now?
Fch Yes, please. I like drawing.
M Can you see the forest? Can you draw a cloud in the sky above it?
Fch All right.
M And can you make it yellow?
Fch Fine. I’m doing that now.

Fch Shall I draw something else?
M No, I want you to colour something now.
Fch What shall I colour?
M There are two men in the picture. One of them has got a drum. Can you colour it?
Fch OK, I’ll make it green.
M Now, can you see the word ‘Castle’ on the flag?
Fch Shall I colour it?
M No, write ‘North’ above that word.
Fch OK.

M Last thing now. There are two birds in the picture.
Fch Yes, one of them is swimming in the river. I think it’s a swan. Shall I colour it?
M Yes. Colour it pink.
Fch OK. Is that all?
M Yes. It looks good, doesn’t it?

Now listen to Part Five again. That is the end of the Flyers Listening test.

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