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Ngày đăng: 22:03 27-11-2019


Hello. This is the Cambridge Movers I
Practice Listening Test, Test l.

Look at Part l . Look at the picture. Listen and look. There is one example.

MAN: Hello, is Fred at the farm today?
WOMAN: Yes, I think he’s looking at the ducks.
MAN:  Is he wearing blue trousers?
WOMAN: Yes, that’s Fred.
MAN:  That’s good. He loves ducks.

Can you see the line? This is an example. Now you listen and draw lines.
1. MAN: Where’s Paul?
WOMAN: He’s sitting under the tree with his friend.
MAN: There are two boys under the tree. Which one is Paul?
WOMAN : He’s eating a banana.
MAN:       Oh yes! I can see him now.
2. MAN: I' m looking for John. Can you see him?
WOMAN:What’s he wearing today?
MAN: A green T-shirt, I think.
WOMAN: Oh yes. He’s giving an apple to the horse.
3. MAN: Look at Jill.
WOMAN: I can’t see her.Where is she?
MAN: She’s sitting with her friend. 
WOMAN: Has she got a rabbit?
MAN: Yes and it’s very beautiful.

4. WOMAN: Can you see Sally?
MAN: Yes I can.She’s running.
WOMAN: Where? I can’t see her.
MAN: She’s running after that sheep.
Oh yes, but she can’t catch it!
WOMAN: Oh yes, but she can’t catch it!

5 . WOMAN: Is that Jane sitting on the grass?
MAN: With blonde hair?
WOMAN: What’s she doing?
MAN: She’s trying to draw a picture.
WOMAN: Oh, she’s drawing very carefully.

Now listen to Part 1 again. That is the end of  Part 1.

Part 2      
Listen and look . There is one example. 
     MAN:     Hello Jill. Can I ask you some questions?
    GIRL:    OK.                                                                    
    MAN:     What’s your family name?                                                                          
    GIRL:    My family name s Walker.
    MAN:     Jill Walker. Can you spell that?                                       
    GIRL:    W-A-L-K-E-R.
    MAN:     Thank you.    

Can you see the answer?  Now you listen and write. 
1. MAN:     Where do you live Jill?                                      
    GIRL:    I live at 7 Main Street.
    MAN:     Can you spell that please?                                   
    GIRL:    Yes M-A-l-N.         

2. MAN:     Do you like school Jill?
GIRL:    Yes, I do.
MAN:     Which class are you in?
GIRL:    I’m in 4b.I’ve got a lot of friends in the class.
MAN:     4b.  

3. MAN:    And what about sports?
GIRL:    Oh I love swimming, hockey and basketball.
MAN:    Which is your favourite sport?
GIRL:    I love hockey best.
MAN:    Hockey’s a good game.                                       

4 MAN:     What do you do at the weekends?
GIRL:    I have a lot of hobbies. But I like reading
MAN:    Do you like reading books or comics?
GIRL:   Mmmm ... that’s difficult. I think comics  are my favourite. 

5 MAN:     Have you got any pets?
GIRL:    Yes  I have. I love
MAN:     What kind of pet have you got?
GIRL:    I’ve got a snake. He’s very beautiful.
MAN:     A  snake! That’s a good pet. 

Now listen to Part 2 again. That is the end of  Part 2

Part 3      
Look at the pictures. What did Jane do last week ?  Listen and look . There is one example.

MAN: Hello, Jane?
GIRL: Hello, Uncle Tony.
MAN: What did you do last week? Tell me.
GIRL:    Well, on Thursday  I went to my friend' s birthday party. 
MAN:     On Thursday?
GIRL:    Yes. She had a great cake!

Can you see the line from the word Thursday? On Thursday, Jane went to her friend s  birthday party. Now you listen and draw lines. 
1. MAN:    What did you do on Tuesday?
GIRL:    On Tuesday  I was at home. I did my homework
MAN:     Was it difficult?
GIRL:    No, it was easy. I had to write a story

2. MAN:    What about Saturday? What did you do then?
GIRL:   I watched a soccer game
MAN:   Did you go with your friends?
GIRL:  No  I went there with my dad.
MAN:    Was it a good game?
GIRL:    Oh yes! It was very exciting.

3. MAN:     And did you go for a walk with the dog on Monday? It was a sunny day                   
GIRL:    No. I sat inside all day. I had a bad cold
MAN:     Oh dear! I didn't know that
GIRL:    I read my new book. Mum gave it to me on my birthday

4. MAN:     What about Sunday?
GIRL:    Erm ... Dad drove us to the countryside that day.
MAN:     What did you do there?                                               
GIRL:    We went for a walk near a waterfall.
MAN:     Great! Did you take any photos?    
GIRL:    No. 

5. MAN:   And what did you do on Wednesday?
GIRL:   We all went to the park.
MAN:    To watch another soccer game?
GIRL:   No. We played with our ball.                                         
MAN:    And did you take the dog with you?
GIRL:    Oh yes!      
Now listen to Part 3 again. That is the end of  Part 3

Part 4      
Look at the pictures.  Listen and look. What's Jill wearing?

GIRL:     Look Mum  can you see my friend Jill?
WOMAN: No  I can t. What’s she wearing? Red trousers.
GIRL:      No. She’s got a new dress.
WOMAN:  Is it blue?
GIRL:       No, it’s yellow.

Can you see the tick ?  Now you listen and tick  the box.
1. What does Daisy want for supper?
GIRL:    I’m hungry Mum.
WOMAN:      What would you like for supper Daisy, a burrger?
GIRL:   No  I had a burger at school today. Can I have some pasta?
WOMAN:    Yes  with some juice and bread?  

2  What did Sally get for her birthday?
GIRL:    It was Sally’s birthday last week.
WOMAN:   Oh   what did her parents give her?
GIRL:   I don’t  know.
WOMAN:  She wanted a guitar or a computer.
GIRL:    Well they didn’t give her those. Oh yes, I know. They gave her a new camera
WOMAN:      She’ll like that. She loves taking photos.


3.    Where did Peter go at  the weekend?
WOMAN:      Where did your friend Peter go at the weekend?
GIRL:    Well he wanted to go and watch a basketball game
WOMAN:      So did he go?
GIRL:    No, he couldn’t. His mum wanted to go to the mountains for the weekend and his dad wanted to go to the sea.
WOMAN:      Did he go to the sea then?
GIRL:    No, his dad had to work but he went with his mum to the mountains

4  What was the matter with Mary?
GIRL:    Mary couldn’t come to school today.
WOMAN:      What was the matter with her? Did she have a stomach ache?
GIRL:    No  she had a temperature
WOMAN:      Was she in bed?
GIRL:    No, she sat on the sofa in the living room

5  What fruit has bred got in  his garden?  
GIRL:   Mum  Fred s parents have got a new house in the country. It’s very big  
WOMAN:      That’s good. Has it got a garden?
GIRL:    Yes  it has  and there s a lot of fruit
WOMAN:      Oh. Does it have coconuts or bananas
GIRL:    No  but it’s got a lot of pineapples.         

Now listen to Part 4 again. That is the end of  Part 4

Part 5     
Look at the pictures.  Listen and look. There is one example.

WOMAN:      Can you see the monster on the bed?                                 
BOY:    Yes  I can
WOMAN:      Well, colour the monster blue
Can you see the blue monster ? This is an example. Now you  listen and colour and draw
WOMAN:      There are two cupboards in the room. Can you see them?
BOY:    Yes , a big one and a smaller one
WOMAN:      I want you to colour them.
BOY:    What colour?
WOMAN:      Colour the big cupboard green and the smaller one yellow.
BOY:    OK


1. WOMAN:  Now I want you to draw something
BOY:            Good.What shall I draw?            
WOMAN:      Draw a lamp
BOY:            Where?
WOMAN:      On the small table next to the bed.
BOY:            OK.                                               

2. WOMAN:      Now you can colour again.
BOY:                Good
WOMAN:          Can you see the two boys?
BOY:                Yes, I can see them.
WOMAN:          Colour the boy who’s standing.
BOY :               Shall I colour his trousers?
No, colour his T-shirt red.
BOY :              OK, his T-shirt.

4. WOMAN: Do you want to colour again?
BOY: Yes please.
WOMAN: OK. You can colour the mat on the floor.
BOY: Which mat? There are two.
WOMAN: Colour the one in front of the door.
BOY: What colour?

WOMAN: And now you can draw again.
BOY: Good. What shall I draw?
WOMAN: The boys need something to play with.
BOY: Shall I draw a car or a plane?
WOMAN: A plane, that’s good.
BOY: Where?
WOMAN: Draw a plane between the boys and then colour it red

Now listen to Part 5 again. That is the end of the Movers Practice Listening Test I.

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